Peacock - An HTML Editor for Gnome


Peacock is an HTML Editor for Gnome. Its is distributed under the GNU GPL License. Using the latest Gnome technologies like Bonobo, GtkHTML it hopes to provide the Web Developers a congenial environment for making Websites. Still in its nascent stages it support basic WYSIWYG HTML Editing and advanced editing operations.

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Note: The development of Peacock 0.6.1 for the Gnome 1.x platform stopped around May of 2003. Ever since then I have been working on the port + rewrite to Gnome 2.


Peacock v1.9.1
  1. Support for most of HTML 4.0 standards.
  2. WYSIWYG HTML Editing using the GtkHTML bonobo control.
  3. Minimal set of templates for documents, tables, images etc.

About the Developer(s)

Peacock is currently developed by Archit Baweja. He is helped by various contributions from other Free Software programmers,packagers,translators from around the world.

A big *hug* and thanks goes out to

  • Noel K├Âthe (Debian Packages)
  • Gawain Lynch (RedHat 9.0 Packages)
  • Alak Trakru (Slackware Packages)
  • Jorge Garcia (Fedora Core 1 Packages)

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