Peacock - An HTML Editor for Gnome

Helping Out

I am always looking for people to help out with Peacock. Remember you can contribute to Peacock in more ways than by submitting code/patches. First it would be advisable to subscribe to the Peacock Mailing Lists and keep a regular tab on the Peacock Forums

Bug testing & Feedback

Probably the most important. Only with bug reports can bugs be fixed and Peacock made better. For bug reports, subsequent patches, feature requests and support see the Tracker Database. You should also see the Peacock Mailing Lists and the Peacock Forums


To get started on Hacking on Peacock, first you need the source from CVS. See the Download page for that.

After you have the source checked out, it is advisable you start by sending in small patches for bug reports, feature requests. This will help you get a _feel_ of the source code before you can start actually making big changes. The recommended way to submit patches is

$ cvs diff -u > patchfilename.patch
You should then send the patch to the relevant mailing lists for discussion. If the patch is to fix a bug, also attach it to the relevant bug report. If the patch is for a feature attach to the Patches Database. For other cases, put it in the relevant Tracker Database.
Note: Always send a copy to the mailing list.

Once you are interested and feel the need to contribute more, drop me an email and I will give you CVS write permissions. However discussing patches before commiting them is still required.


First take a look at the donwload page. Are there packages for you distribution? (I'd be suprised if there are). If no, create a package test it and drop me an email notifying me about the packages. If you are willing then I will add you as incharge of packages for that distrbution and platform.

Also if you see that a packager has been inactive for a while, you can get in touch with him and help him or take over from him.


Translating strings so that Peacock is available to a wider audience. And with the support for more locales in Gtk+-2.x this leaves room for a lot of work.


If you are well versed with DocBook XML and documenting programs you can help too. Unfortunately Peacock presently has no documentation for new users. So a rich set of documentation for new users and experienced users alike would be helpful.